3 thoughts to “bosie – noun: hug”

  1. Bosie – when my daughter was little we lived in Kenya East Africa, one day our house girl came to me and asked “what’s a bosie?” I was a bit confused at first until she explained – “Ailsa is pleading with me and saying she wants a bosie and I don’t know what it means” then the penny dropped, we had recently been visiting my parents in Peterhead and my dad was always saying to Ailsa “come on an granda ‘ll gie ye a bosie”!

    1. That’s a brilliant story. It show’s you how quickly children pick up any lingo. And delighted to hear that Doric took root in Kenya!

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Can a bosie not also mean a kiss? I always thought it was related to baiser, French word for kiss, which apparently now means something a lot more physical and passionate in modern French, not to be used in polite society!

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